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Mortgage Calculator

Estimate your monthly payment with our convenient online mortgage calculator. Just enter the information you know—the calculator will do the rest!

Remember, this is only an estimate. Actual monthly payments may differ

Click here for Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Loans

Real Estate Loans are available to help you realize your dream of owning your own home. See one of First National's loan officers to review your needs and plan a mortgage accordingly.

Advantage Line Home Equity

Home Equity Loans are available to help you consolidate debt, pay for vacations, college tuition, or for home improvement projects. We offer three Home Equity Loan products to suit your needs.

Personal Installments

Competitively priced Personal Installment loans are available to help you meet many needs such as a car or truck, a vacation, home improvements, educational costs, and medical expenses. Payments are normally made monthly over time and are structured to meet your individual budget.

Check Sure Overdraft Protection

With FNB Check Sure you can avoid those costly overdraft fees. Whenever your account reaches a zero balance you will be advanced a loan. Repayments are made on a monthly basis at the time of your statement.

VISA Credit Card

With a First National Bank Visa credit card, you have the ability to make purchases worldwide. For your convenience you will receive a monthly statement providing a summary of your charges, payments and the amount of available credit on your account.